Garfield creator Jim Davis says a 1990 comic strip has been widely misunderstood and that it does not show Garfield's owner Jon Arbuckle drinking a cup of dog semen Reliable Truck @ccchauffe Follow Have yall seen this Garfield where Jon drinks dog semen? What a great comic HAVE A CUP OF COFFEE JON WHY THANKS DON'T MIND CONGRATOLATIONS U ARE GOING TO GIVE BIRTH TO MR ARBUCKLE A FINE HEALTHY LITTER OF PUPPIES HATE PUPPIES! 441 PM - 22 Jan 2015 3147 Retweets 4260 Likes dansparce lumsel delxaz buzzfeed weirdbuzzfeed Garfield Creator Jim Davis Denies That Jon Drinks Dog Semen In A 1990 Comic Strip g o o d b y e Here’s the bit of the article where he says what it is Dog Semen is Jim Davis’ Cow Tools @Jim Davis thinking everyone would know about the pregnant cow supplement Meme

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