GARGOLES Q U E S T Licensed by Official Nintendo Seal of Quality GRAPHICS SO REAL YOU'LL FORGET IT'S ONLY A GAME Highly- detailed art- work sets new stan dards for the Game Boy! Destroyers Fight your way through enemy forces to reach the dimensional portal that leads to your home world Once there the true nature of the quest begins The King of the Ghoul Realm has been kidnapped and it's up to you to save him Blast the attack ers with fiery breath as you fly through their defenses Unravel the mysteries of this multilevel universe to succeed in conquer ing the Destroyers and freeing the captive King Dazzling graphics and excellent sound bring a whole new dimension to the Game Boy! Enchantment and excitement await you in Gargoyle's Quest Advanced playability high- lighted with 360 degree scrolling Hours of entertainment await Prepare to do battle as Firebrand the last Guardian Gargoyle of the Ghoul Realm You must act quickly to defend your world against an invading army of you in this diverse adventure CAPCOM USA 3303 Scott Blvd Santa Clara CA 95054 408 727-0400 Nintendo Game Boy and the official seals are trademarks of Nintendo of America Inc Graphics so real youll forget its only a game Meme

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