Gary Lineker@GaryLineker 3h What next? Ban films with guns? The Arsenal badge? It's his business what kind of art he has tattooed on his body Piers Morgan @piersmorgan So you think it's perfectly OK for an England football star to tattoo a large assault rifle onto his leg just before a World Cup where it will be seen by billions of people? I find THAT pretty weird & sad regardless of his explanation twittercomgarylinekerst Si Lloyd @SmnLlyd5 Follow Replying to @GaryLineker Here you go fellas Arsenal SAFC BUNGLES @Bunney_91 2h Replying to @SmnLlyd5 @GaryLineker You can't leave the word 'Arsenal' on there it literally means a collection of weapons! Si Lloyd@SmnLlyd5 2h Fair point gcses @NotLacazette 2h Can't be in a sheild shape which represents wars make it circle 91t 29 13K Si Lloyd@SmnLlyd5 2h Sorted 26 tl 365 17K #ArtetaOut @arteta out-2h Red???? The colour of blood? Please 94 t 269 13K Si Lloyd@SmnLlyd5 2h Here you go Arsenal Your new badge 69 525 Gaz @CantonaManc 2h Better than that Leeds effort I love twitter 😂😂 httpstcoXZP9BIzvnt Meme

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