GEEK FACTS 1 Black Panther 2018 has been nominated for Best Picture at the Golden Globes This is Marvel Studios first ever nomination and the first time a superhero film has been nominated in the Best Picture category Source Gizmodo As many of you know I enjoyed Black Panther but I do feel it’s a little overrated as a movie I appreciate the cultural significance and it can only be positive if more of the movie-going public feel represented Everyone deserves a superhero who they can identify with My question is can you rank your favourite superhero movies of the year from best to worst? 1 Infinity War 2 Spider-Verse 3 Venom 4 Black Panther 5 Deadpool 2 6 Ant-Man and the Wasp edited to add last two movies that I forgot watching β€’β€’β€’ Turn on notifications + Follow 🍿 - @MovieFacts πŸ€“ - @GeekFacts πŸ€” - @GeekQuote Meme

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