Gemini 1st Decan May21-May31 The planetary ruler is Mercury for a Gemini born between 22nd May and 31st May Their nature would be sociable reliable and friends can benefit from their ideas Most suitable career options for them would be in a creative field such as graphic designing creative writing website designing etc Gemini-born are humanitarians at heart and they pretty much like to work for social causes They have a brilliant intelligence and are articulate people They are quick-witted and have an amazing ability to communicate efficiently Nevertheless they typically are inclined to get into conflict between their own mind and heart and often they don't know which voice to listen whether to listen to the mind or listen to the heart Gemini-born normally are very popular in their social circles and they have a good number of friends Perfectionists as they are they may however be over critical of themselve Gemini 2nd Decan June 1-June 10 The planetary ruler is Venus for a Gemini born between 1st June and 10th June This Gemini-born would be objective regarding most things and will try to get to the root of the matters beforejudging This Gemini-born would like to make other people happy and shall even enjoy it However they must see to it that thes aspects don't start ruling their lives On the whole those born under this influence are charismatic creative and charming They have well developed communication skills and normally attain any goal they set their vision at due to their astute minds They have an ability to attract many people to them and thus they thrive in social situations Plus they are equally good in one-to-one situations and make perfect hosts for parties On the downside though these people usually have confused thoughts Gemini 3rd Decan June11-June21 The planetary rulers are both Saturn and Uranus for a Gemini-born between 11th June and 21st June This Gemini-born will have a certain type of vigour something that allows him her to stand against all onslaughts These people are quite creative and are innovative and original in their plan of attack Quite flexible and very optimistic they possess an unconventional outlook and they are brilliant thinkers Most Gemini born under this Decan also has the qualities of a natural leader People are attracted to their natural charm Yet they on their own lov their freedom viewing each day as a new adventure That's precisely the reason why this Gemini-born cannot be tied down to one particular place as their minds will be continuously open to newer ideas and interests Nevertheless as their attention gets diluted towards a lot of pursuits they can easily become distracted React to your decan! Meme

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