generalgrievousdatingsim im reading about cowboy phrases and sayings and like 95% of them a re just solid life advice generalgrievousdatingsim Things a Cowboy Should Not Do Here are some words to live by according to cowboys Some are really good advice and all are funny cowboy sayings Don't squat with your spurs on Don't let your yearnings get ahead of your earnings Don't dig for water under the outhouse Don't go in if you don't know the way out Don't mess with something that ain't bothering you Never drive black cattle in the dark Never approacha bull from the front a horse from the rear or a fool from any direction Never miss a good chance to shut up Never ask how stupid someone is 'cause they'll turn around and show you like idk how accurate these are but somehow they manage to be both peak shitposting humor and gen uinely helpful suggestions Advice from a cowboy Meme

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