georgia @georgiaanais_ that's a vegan salad there's reusable water bottles unpackaged fruit and she's travelling by train which produce 80% less greenhouse gas emmissions than cars the only travel more environmentally friendly is walking cycling but you carry on or bullying a 16 year old xxxх Pocketrocket @pocket_rocket96 19h Oh she looks so frightened about the immediate climate catastrophe As she sits there on a train surrounded by plastic containers and processed foods A picture paints a thousand words This tells you she knows nothing about what she speaks of nLimpan SALAT VEGANSK 1223 PM Sep 25 2019 Twitter for iPhone 731K Retweets 300K Likes georgia Replying to @georgiaanais_ @georgiaanais_ 12h nobody in this world is perfect and of course she will have to use one use plastic where there is no alternative we don't all have to completely change our lives but little changes are still changes!!! if ur not vegan but use a reusable bottle that's ok!! every little helps x 12 L541 61K holisticfansstuff a-can-of-mountain-jew thebisquid itshardtoactnormal I can’t believe people are mad about a 16-year-old girl wanting the earth to get better Also - What is she supposed to do motherfucker? Teleport?? Spontaneously develop the ability to fly unaided? Not to mention the fact that THERE IS NO ETHICAL CONSUMPTION UNDER CAPITALISM It doesn’t matter how committed you are to fixing the climate you still have to fuckin eat Corporations do more harm in one hour than any singular human could do in their whole life Meme

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