Germany CULTURAL DO'S & DON'TS SHAKE HANDS THROW WASTE IN WRONG BIN Shake hands when you're introduced to someone - it's impolite not to Germans take recycling very seriously Ask if you are unsure which receptacle to use TAKE YOUR SHOES OFF DIG IN Many Germans wear house shoes or socks around the house Wait for others to be served and for someone to announce Guten Appetit WAIT TO BE DUZT FORGET CASH Address people with the formal 'you' Sie If the familiar 'you' Du is OK they'll let you know Hit the ATM-cash rules in Germany and many restaurants don't take credit cards BE HONEST JAYWALK Germans like talking politics and philosophy They don't do small talk and expect you to share your opinion No cars coming? Doesn't matter You wait for that Ampelmann to go green BE PUNCTUAL WALK IN THE BIKE LANE When they say it is at 5pm it is at 5pm You will hear a bike bell and someone yelling at you Watch out @GermanyinUSA germanyinusaPlanning a trip to Germany soon? We are sure you have done some research on where to go and what to eat Now that you know where you’re going and how you’re getting there– time to confront the vague subject of cultural norms Just like in the United States Germany has its own quarks and standards that take some time to get used to Look like a local by following some basic cultural norms such as avoiding the bike lane or arriving on time Bon voyage! Meme

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