ghost malone @kxthleen tfw pornhub is more wholesome about mental health than twitter hub brandJames 20 hours ago dddasss Yesterday I've been feeling the same way man Guys I have no idea why but recently I've been feeling really depressed But I have absolutely no reason to be depressed I am actually not joking I really need help I have a loving family great friends good grades but I'm fucking depressed for some reason Like Walker TexasNutter great name by the way said find someone to talk to The brain is a funny thing and sometimes shit gets imbalanced up there Don't let it cut your life short It's not worth it It's never is 44 7 Reply WalkerTexasNutter Yesterday 16hours ago Dont be alfraid to seek professional NightDoll You have a loving family and friends dont be afraid to ask them for help You're not alone help man I've been there and asking for help was the hardest damn thing i've ever done but it saved my life Good luck 44 Reply 曲7 テ←Reply Wholesome community of pornhub Meme

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