GHT RGNTS queerpaccino mystonerlife misterpuffnpass setbabiesonfire kropotkindersurprise January 15 2015 - Peaceful protesters on Martin Luther King day are pepper sprayed by Seattle police video Dude’s just walking on his phone Fuck police Fuck government This happened right in Seattle that was a teacher from Garfield High School on the phone with his mother He’s suing the city for $500000 dollars This was at the MLK peaceful march against Police brutality It’s always be and well in Seattle They actually just arrested an elderly black man in his 70s for walking Down the street using a gold club as a cane Bitch ass cop said he swung it at her but they finally released dash cam footage showing he didn’t But no of course the US isn’t a fascist white-supremacist police state Cuz you know Freedom and democracy and stuff Meme

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