Gifted KidTM Burnout Flavors adhdautism anxiety depression like 2 friends - feels like their -looks like a prep but probably does acid as a hobby -0% in the hw category probably wanted to major in philosophy or psychology now just wants to sleep - can't do hw but will research their special interest for hours on end -college reading level in kindergarten ppl ask if you have savant syndrome problems aren't valid bc they should be smart enough for this - APIBHonors up the ass worries about grades despite having 50 GPA genius trying So Hard All The Time and - forced smile to cover - constant caffeine - either 100% or 0% effort motivation is a up panic attack - DAY PLANNER - studies all night gets getting nowhere workaholichave you tried roulette wheel hyperfixates on calculus at 2am - constantly playing video games to simulate feelings of progress and a 79 and cries - in 12 different volunteer organizations procrastinates on hw and does it all in that all need club massive blocks specific hours success school is sensory -goes home after school and stares at the wall for 10 hours - lives in a sweater peaked in 5th grade -has heard not hell everyone is shocked when you talk in class сryptid -constant dread living up to your potential from every teacher ever around projectshw even if finished with -doesn't study but gets the highest test everything - sits in the very back probably a stoner Scores somehow Meme

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