Girl Defined @Girl_Defined 29 Jun 2015 Marriage girldefinedcomkeeping-marria KEEPING MARRIAGE STRAIGHT WH THE BIBLE NEVER RECOGNIZES GAY MARRIAGE 2 READ POT GIRLDEFINEDCOMBLOG Girl Defined @Girl_Defined 20 Jun 2014 Please don't get sucked into the gay pride agenda Don't base your beliefs on your emotions God's word must be fbme31ZBmV6KS Girl Defined @Girl_Defined 27 Jun 2015 TIMELY READJ Responding to the Homosexual Movement So here we are up to our necks in the homosexual agenda bme7hTQArATk 4 1 Girl Defined @Girl_Defined 26 Jun 2014 Sad day @BananaRepublic supports and encourages the homosexual agenda with #PrideMonth onfbmeTCa9DR 1 Girl Defined @Girl_Defined 21 Jun 2014 Disturbing fairy tale book hits public libraries promoting homosexual marriage bitlyUWnAjo Girl Defined @Girl_Defined 18 Jun 2014 How does someone prove they are gay? Find the answer on the blog today bitly1plofs6 CA Girl Defined @Girl_Defined 18 Jun 2014 New Post The fbme6kXwRqltP Gay Pride Movement and Their Sneaky Agen Girl Defined @Girl_Defined 20 Jun 2014 New Post Responding to the Homosexual Movement girldefinedcomresponding-hom fbme6lgj4ZPET tl 1 Girl Defined @Girl_Defined 4 Jun 2014 oan c cake christianpostcomnewsbaker-for via @ChristianPost Girl Defined @Girl_Defined 6 May 2014 Should Christians attend the wedding of a gay couple? Thought provoking answers from @gotquestions gotquestionsorggay-weddinght Girl Defined @Girl_Defined 3 May 2014 Replying to @TrueWoman @TrueWoman Should Christians use the term Gay Christian? Here's a helpful article buffly1pXr3vm Should Christians Use the Term Gay Christian? In his new book God and the Gay Christian Matthew Vines seeks to legitimate homosexual practice among evangelicals I responded to this heretical teaching patheoscom keepingupwithfundies totallyrobophobic christiangossipgirl The only thing Girl Defined uses Twitter for is automated posts from their other platforms… That means the links are still there to their homophobic blog posts they’ve since deleted Oopsies But seriously I’m disgusted They were way more extreme on the topic than I was aware They scrubbed their blog after their homophobia was exposed in this YouTube video by Rachel Oates Being ashamed of your opinion if called out means you know you are wrong Annie Meme

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