Give me my fucken Jewelry you took fromor I will file Charger and you be not in a Apartment or House you be in Rock Road Got enough proof that you stole my Moms and Grandmas Jewelry they are in Heaven and that is not fake JewelryYou Black Mailed me for get my Jewelry backOh and do you need that Number for your blue Pills??????Limp D to See you Tomorrow with Escort You owe me I50 For the PS GuNRelicDecoration The Depoty TooK Usith tim! T aid thatb4rs aqo Soits worth Twice NOw To Replace it ! Howerrr Iwill TAke a Trade for 20 items ihen You uO TO KIOST Thank YOUI L 30w Like Reply That's why you ask people where she is she's not your problem anymore and your chest a mental case so back off motherfuker going to come out to your b**** I'll come after you f*** you did or it 18w Like Reply I'm coming after you legally cuz this ain't a threat I have the profile on my side b**what do you got Like Reply 18w Fuck You CUNT! Like Reply 18w This gem on my cousin's facebook His response is at the very bottom Meme

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