Given that you've asked so many questions when I told you I would be willing to explain on a call when you get back I'm going to take it that you're very good at being single minded and you'd rather focus on what you're doing than look into something else I respect that and think that's a great thing If you're open for talking in the future you've got my number We're always looking for sharp people to help us grow and Jake was right I think you've got a good head on your shoulders I wish you the best if you're interested in what we're doing or if you think what we're doing is legit We're expanding and looking for the right people to help with that you came highly recommended so I thought I'd reach out Are you open for a call when you get back or are you set doing what you're doing? iMessage sorry I missed your call I am out of the country What is this in regards to? Hi it's Well that's exciting! How about when you get back to the States we can talk I'll need maybe 3 or 4 minutes to explain what's going on When will you be back? Would you be willing to tell me the name of the company? Sorry I don't mean to come across as a jerk lol I guess to clarify when I say MLM I don't mean a business structure We'll be back in a few days is it an MLM? where someone is above and below If you're referring to a business structure where there's someone you I get that's every business What I meant is a business structu re where the majority of one's income comes from recruitment of other Not sure if your comment on me being single-minded is a passive aggressive jab or not But sorry man I'm just skeptical with the out of state number and not being able to find out the name of this above you and below you that's every business I've ever heard of including where you work unless you own the business and have employees then that's a pyramid where the people below you will never make more than you To be frank I am not looking to see if you're interested in what we're doina or if vou think what we're people buying into the business not from the sale of actual products services business I like to think I'm open minded I just have a hard time supporting MLM's They're not for me Best of luck! Oh dear that's called an illegal pyramid and those get shut down because thev're illeaal MLM bro bothering me while on vacation I tried so hard to be polite lol Meme

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