glumshoe I used to feed the crows on campus every day because it was easier than making human friends I had one already and Robin likes crows as much as I do Pretty soon they figured out where I lived and would alight upon my dorm windowsill and watch me I offered them only healthy things like leftover fish hard boiled eggs nuts suet and dog food They were already habituated to humans and had no fear of us and I figured it was better to feed them real food instead of the french fries they'd get tossed It only got weird when people began to notice that crows would follow me to class Two in particular would fly alongside me as I walked across campus landing and cawing for treats and keeping pace with me Sometimes people would try to scare them off and l'd have to explain that Heinrich and Fatima weren't bad omens signaling my doom just spoiled little brats matchafinn i want this strong of a relationship Imao Meme

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