gmailcom tome- Dear James James Fridman <fjamie013@gmailcom> I'm really sorry to bother you but I'm always being made fun of for something especially You shouldn't feel the need to make yourself some of my team mates and class mates Whether it's about something I said or wore or even just how I look hair teeth acne weight etc It's been making certain things insecure bullies who diminish others in order even worse than how they've been in the past to raise themselves up look at least somewhat better to satisfy standards set by a bunch of pitiful and So I was wondering if you had the time could What others think of you depends on how you maybe make me look at least somewhat better? Again I'm really sorry to bug you with this as I'm sure you have many more requests can do better than others it wll help you you see yourself Focus on something you at are more important Sorry again build confidence and make you stronger @fjamie013 the Emotional support master - - - 9gag James Fridman photoshop Meme

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