God has forgiven you Forgive yourself Jesus the ark God has forgiven all your sins it now time for you to forgive yourself Stop listening to voice of the devil that tells you that you are not I hear people say i don't think that God can ever forgive me and it touches me when i see them held down by guilt of past sins That past sin can't judge your future in Christ You are now a new creation in Christ Your sins are never greater than the blood of Jesus that taketh away the sins of the whole world Let that guilt go don't let it hold you down let God lift you up to his presence and use you for his purpose Your future is no written by Satan and his evil works it is now written by God's love and grace If God can use apostle paul who was a killer of the saints and transform he into a dispensational messenger to gentiles He can use you too Don't doubt it Your past don't define God's does -Joshua Joseph Meme

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