God is forming you to fit in the relationship that He has custom tailored! t1 professorphanor ❤️ Repost @professorphanor ・・・ Father for the woman that needs to feel your love today I pray that you give her eyes to see and ears to hear your love for her You know her name her past her triumphs and her wounds Let her know it is never too late to call on you ask for your forgiveness give her life to your service rebuke the sin that is entangling her and live free as a Child of God For those alone or feeling unloved let their love for you be so fierce that it radiates back to them Let them live each day forward knowing you love them more than they can imagine and that they are not alone Lord for the woman that finds it easier to love herself than others give her eyes to see how special all of your children are Give her opportunities to sit down with those that don’t look or think like her so that she can learn what it really means to love her neighbor Help her to be kind encouraging forgiving loving to those that may never realize her impact and move forward with the ability to treat others with love no matter what Give her the grace and strength to move from day to day with an outpouring of love for her future loved one! I ❤️ you! love marriage relationships Meme

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