Going back to episode 1 how did that French segment come about? I feel likeI saw a lot of viewers at the advance screening and the TV broadcast who were left dumbfounded That was Kamikaze Douga's idea There's a French person who works at Kamikaze Douga you see You mean the one who shows up on camera That's him He doesn't speak Japanese and communicates at work with English so Kamikaze Douga said Wouldn't it be funny if we gave him the manga and let him we ended up going with that suggestion Since he doesn't understand Japanese he made the segment by looking at the art and imagining what was going on That's why it ignores the canon and has Popuko and Pipimi going to Paris and makes self-deprecating French jokes Also he creates those as a one-man team which is why it's animated more like a Western cartoon We also hired French voice actresses so the footage is sent over there for voice-over recording Iwas shocked to hear how much it actually cost to do all hatlaughs e pleased? So 凸 the-nuclear-chaos sirlorence what an absolute legend Small mind spending your animation budget conservatively Regular mind spending a bit extra to spice up action scenes Big mind blowing a chunk of the budget hiring French VAs to dub a scene improvised by a one-man animation team that can’t read Japanese so doesn’t understand anything in the manga Meme

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