GOING To A PARTY WORST-CASE MGH WHO INVITED BEST-CASE THAT SHIRTTHAI WAS A GOOD IDEA? WHAT'S MOST LIKELy TO HAPPEN I THINK IMIGHT HEAD HOME SOON NEAH ME TOO College DRIVING WORST-CASE WHAT HAVE You DONE? BEST-CASE FREEDOMI WHAT'S MOST LIKELy TO HAPPEN UGH I-65 TRAFFIC ALWAyS SUcKS AT THIS TIME AND uPAGAIN THAT POP SONG YOU'RE INDIFFERENT TO! Colle GOING ON A FIRST DATE WORST-CASE BEST-CASE Well hello there Sabella Martinez who lives at 3b5 Sunse+ Avenve BEFORE TONIGHT THOUGHT THE DEA OF A SOULMATE WAS A MYTH WHAT'S MOST LIKELy TO HAPPEN OH yOU HAVE TWO SISTERS? EAH THEY'RE FINE oleaelHumon GIVING A SPEECH WORST-CASE BEST-CASE TECHNICAL ERROR ERY THING IS BAD WORLD PROBLEMS OLVED NOU'RE A FRAUD HERE'S A B00k DEAL 00! MANE My BABIES Ol WHAT'S MOST LIKELy TO HAPPEN IN CONCLUSION WE SHOULD CHANGE SOME THINGS BUT NoT EVERYTHING THAT SOUNDS REASONABLE TIME simonalkenmayer missgingerlee paperparachute castorochiaro pr1nceshawn Worst Case vs Best Case Scenarios by Karina Farek This is a great joke but it’s also a wonderful strategy for reducing anxiety that I learned about in therapy If you’re ever nervous about something just ask yourself what’s the best thing that can happen? What’s the worst thing? What will most likely happen? It does wonders for your nerves really does My counsellor walks me through this all the time and it works?? Um…I really like this “Up next that pop song you’re indifferent to!” What do you say now? “Mood”? Meme

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