Golden escue wwwgoldenrescueco Daisy AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION ~ DAISY #3073 Hi everyone…my name is Daisy and I’m two years old I’m not sure what happened to me before I met the good people at Golden Rescue but whatever it was it has made me afraid of a lot of things With the help of my amazing foster family I am getting better every day I used to be afraid of doorways and believe it or not even food and water scared me Now I actually get excited at meal times I’m still a Nervous-Nelly particularly if I hear loud unexpected noises but every day in every way I’m getting used to things As the Beatles so aptly put it “I have to admit it’s getting better…so much better all the time” Good song BTW To read more about Daisy please visit her page on our website httpswwwgoldenrescuecagoldens3073-daisy Meme

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