gonegrill libertarirynn gonegrill libertarirynn gonegrill libertarirynn shittymoviedetails In Schindler’s List 1993 hidden Nazi iconography can be found in dozens of scenes Shame on you Stephen Spielberg for letting this slip through editing Sad thing is if that movie had been released in 2019 there would be people on Tumblr saying this with zero irony no there wouldn’t be You must be new to this website I’ve seen people literally claim “Be Prepared” should be removed from the Lion King remake because of its Nazi imagery These people have no sense of context different context sure it’s stupid but the lion king has nothing to do with the history of the holocaust people wouldn’t complain about seeing nazi imagery in a movie about nazi germany Again you must be new to this website I’ve probably been on here longer than you have Movies about Nazi Germany are still made today and there aren’t mobs of people petitioning nazi symbolism in them Damn I missed where “a few idiots on Tumblr” equals “mobs” Like someone in the notes said some bitches literally complained about swastikas in a WWII game I’m not arguing it makes sense or even that it’s common I’m just saying it happens Really not sure what the debate is here Meme

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