good afternoon good evening night bauenas tardes buenas noches How do you lick yourself? Mr sir Mrs ma'am Miss young lady señor Sr señora Sra señorita Srta Ccono is lamarized? What is his name? good-bye good-bye see you later see you later see you later adiós chao hasta la vista hasta luego What's her name? hasta entonces see you soon hasta pronto hasta mañana How do they lick them? see you tomorrow see you hasta What are their names? Whar's your name? informal What's your name? formal Whet's his name? Whe's her name? what are their names? m m+f what are their names? Como te llamas? eComo se llame Ud? Como se llama él? Como se lame ella? Como se laman ellos? Cómo se llaman ellas? Cómo se llaman Uds? How do you lick yourself? f >1 person Whst are your names? pleased to meet you delighted to meet you mucho gusto encantado a What is your name? likewise igualmente El gusto es mio What's your name? The pleasure is mine My name is Your name is informal His Her name is Your name isformal Me llamg Te llamas Se llama How is he licked? How does she get out? hasta How are they called? How are they planted? Cómo te llamas? Como se llama Ud? Como se llama él? How are you called? Como se llama ella? How you call you? Cómo se llaman ellos? Lowe is called you? Cómo se llaman ellas? Como se llaman Uds? How is he called him How does she be lit? they called them? How are mucho gusto encantado a How are they called them? How are you underground? ¿ gracias google translate? Meme

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