Brainwashed leftist-socialist pours her beverage on FSU Republicans and says they are “normalizing and enabling Nazis” by supporting Rick Scott and Ron DeSantis. If you don’t like fascism the worst thing you can do is support an equal leftist ideology like communism who’s actually responsible for killing more innocent people than fascism. If you want to fight against fascism in this world, or anti-Semitism then start by supporting the right to bear arms like your Jewish counterparts in Israel. It’s the right to bear arms that will be detrimental in making sure all of our lives including the Jewish people are safe from any hate crimes. Tag friends & Follow 👣 👉🏻 @unclesamsmisguidedchildren 🇺🇸 unclesamsmisguidedchildren conservative USMC SemperFi USNavy USCoastGuard USAirForce USMarines AmericanProud semperfidelis USArmy veteranowned secondamendment NationalGuard buildthewall 2A maga donaldtrump militarymuscle trump2020 republican