GOOD GOD THIS IS LIKE EATING RAW COCOA EVEN AS I TYPE NOW I CAN FEEL IT BURNING AT THE BACK OF MY THROAT DO YOU NOT KNOW WHAT SUGAR IS FUCK IT IS STILL BURNING I DRANK LIKE A PINT OF RIBENA AND IT STILL BURNS what a bunch of wimps i dont understand its just chocolate its not even dark chocolate its just regular old hershey's milk chocolate what where you expecting Just to clear things up I'm british and I was expecting a bar of chocolate that had some semblance of sugar or milk Hershey's just appears to be solid cocoa death wait so is british chocolate just like pure sugar or something Pretty much How do you think we survive such long periods of uninteresting bland politics and weather i love the real world news via tumblr good lord try eating dark chocolate i would like to see their reactions to that3 the british are weak we have found their achilles heel 16649 notes Is US chocolate that bad? Meme

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