Google Google how old is patrick star what is the average age for a starfish Shopping More Settings Tools Shopping Videos More Settings All Images News Maps All Images News Tools About 1240000 results 072 seconds About 312000000 results 083 seconds Patrick Star Ages Patrick 35 years Fictional characte According to National Geographic the average life span for a starfish in the wild is up to 35 years Residence 120 34 Bottom Pacific O Starfish Facts - Whale Facts Interests Annoyi Mermaids Doing httpswwwwhalefactsorgstarfish-facts Jellyfishing Sleep eAbout this result Feedback Occupation Inve Patrick first obviously appeared in the episode Help Wanted although his first main role Season 1 is in Bucket fry cook the episode Bubblestand He was born in February of 1978 He is a 34 year old who acts like he is 3 People also ask Education Mrs Middle School C Mar 8 2019 What are some fun facts about starfish? Patrick Star From SpongePedia the biggest SpongeBob-wiki in the Awards Wrestlin Club For doingn enspongepediaorgindexphp?title=Patrick_Star Do Starfish feel pain? anyone else Fe Color Coral Pink What is the life cycle of a starfish? People also Do starfish die when you touch them? People also ask Feedback How old is SpongeBob and Patrick? So sad Meme

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