GOP Lawmaker Just Got Outed As The Founder Of Popular Pro-Rape Group by Bruce White Apr 25 2017 Bonnie Bacarisse of The Daily Beast made a recent discovery that Republican Rep Robert Fisher R-NH is in fact the founder of the Red Pill a men's rights misogyny group based on the online forums Reddit and 4chan 13 Fisher wrote under the username FredFredrickson I'm going to say it-Rape isn't an absolute bad because the rapist I think probably likes it a lot I think he'd say it's quite good really Fisher was asked if he thought it was creepy for a 40-year-old man check-out a 15-year- old's breast He responded by saying In my opinion no It's evolutionarily advantageous and perfectly natural The Republican Congressman has also said that women have sub-par intelligence that their personalities are lackluster and boring serving little purpose in day to day life and that lt is literally the female body that makes enduring these things worth it The lawmaker stated l cannot be honest about my accomplishments or ambitions without ridicule I am running for a state political position I'm a high level exec in a franchising company and I own two business locations in state I found that stating it simply nets me negativity on dates if l'm honest nevertrustamanwho femmebosskoopa imamisfittoy sardonicblisters yayfeminism A New Hampshire Republican State Representative anonymously created the “Red Pill” subreddit Wow these aren’t just bullshitter dweebs in their mom’s basements trolling the internet these are men who formulate the way we implement laws and who govern the way we live our lives ^^^ Hello yes everyone needs to see this It’s not always a bunch of nobodies trolling around on 4chan It’s doctors lawyers judges businessmen bankers law enforcement etc People who have pulls on society They literally don’t see other groups besides themselves as human or equal …holy shit like this is bad really really bad but so much clearly so if you’ve ever read the scum that floats to the top of the Red Pill Like basically he was just outed as the creator of a neo-nazi misogynist pro-rape forum explicitly to recruit online loners and groom them like it’s EVERYTHING we’ve been saying these people do but this is like the hive For the anon asking why not trust red pill guys Meme

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