gotta go fast it is essential for you to move swiftly it is of utmost importance that your body be travelling across the land at a speed one would consider significantly higher than average planet must have forces exerted on yourself in you as an entity within our order to propel yourself forward in a manner one could describe as ra prompt as it is vital to our existance for without such 'speed one would fail to assert our right as the entity in this planet most capable of propelling one's self using the bones and flesh to accellerate at a rapid pace! in the physical plane of existanee our universe has many ferees' an interaction that will the nation of an object when in this universe then one con easily conclude that forces will impose on eetion upon Physic Presence the eerben besed Bfe fem we will new refer to es you' nult eeli oryenism natable for being e spiny mannel in the subfamily of Erinocence and of shade of blue nett unusual for en organism belonging to this family es such perhaps you for you see we nust nat resist these foroes rather we must ese them to eur have clready come to the some eenelusion odvantaget you may not be owere but you ore in posession of ight-beering end locomotive anatomical structure we refer to as legs t truly blessing c nirekle of lifel one must pouse to cppreciate such wonders and how e come to be but i digress your legs' ore copoble ef converting energy from your organisma energy storoges to direct force this results in through the inverted pendulum 9alt in which you es coton based life form is eepeble of propelling yourself with! but this is not enought must exert es much feree possible converting cll evolieble energy sources end Panhing yourself with much forces as possible you will ochet you will be sere but there is en oge-old toying oneng ertetures such cs Yourself no no goin this statement is likely jest tekkng the Phyvieel poin set off by your incredible momentum which ultinately results in a benefit for yourself for with progress comes point there is no elternative but this is your in Nfe by why must we es Physical being be traveling over the surfoce of this plonet ct tuch velocity? hold title that is significant to other self-esteem boosting which without we cre nothing it is unfortunate b this is the way of life We are inperfect creatures ond erave ttention there re those who elein otherwise but they ere wrong but this is what our meaning in Nfe is to be pwift end claim our title the being in this planet capable of moving et what is ourrently greater then eny other creature of the billions of crectures in this universe ore dble to hurtle through this Plonet's etmosphere at 9rteter velocity oh what title oh what eleint with this echievement we will truly be remembered forever end our life may have some meaning Meme

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