Gov Mike Huckabee @GovMikeHuckabee FollowV CNN now stands for Cardiac Care Network because their ppl are having heart attacks over Trump doing what Dems once demanded-fire Comey RETWEETS LIKES 1022 2356 507 AM -10 May 2017 32K 10K 24K Tweet your reply Victoria McNally @vqnerdballs 1h Replying to @GovMikeHuckabee Does thinking about how far youve compromised on Christian ideals of justice and prudence ever keep you up at night? Asking for a friend 2571 13K Victoria McNally @vqnerdballs 1h Temperance too I guess since your cruel joke tweets clearly demonstrate a lack of self restraint as much as a lack of wisdom 22551 Victoria McNally @vqnerdballs 1h ldk just wondering what the Jesus who once said love your enemies and it's hard for rich people to get into heaven would think of you 18 502 Victoria McNally @vqnerdballs 1h Also Jesus would probably want to point out that it's CNN not CCN Have a good morning! memehumor You’d think a former governor would know how to spell CNN Meme

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