GPHS SRO @GphsSro POLİCE GPHSGophers another successru bust 102717 149 PM 289 Retweets 1266 Likes Autumn @FlyBrownHuniee When my dad passed away we were literally poor i had to help my mom pay bills we were really struggling I had to step up so lwas selling chipscandybrownies u name it I got caught and lost $400 that was 2 months bills gone Y'all lame Delete this GPHS SRO @GphsSro @GPHSGophers another successful bust lovelyardie thevoluntaryist thevoluntaryist I saw this thread on twitter and was able to get screen shots literally minutes before the Grand Prairie Texas High School resource officer deleted his account In just one day @flybrownhuniee’s tweet had over 70000 retweets and 180000 likes Here’s a link to the thread They look so proud of themselves I’m actually embarrassed for them These are adults in charge of children and they’ve lowered themselves to taking selfies with property they’ve stolen from the young and defenseless Such bravery these cops display Literally stealing candy from children and then hiding when an armed shooter comes to murder children Thin blue line who? Meme

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