grace644 S22h I swear But my friend Brian never does! Like ever One day I pick him up from a bar he was super wasted and called me at 2 am asking if I wouldn't mind picking him up I do so and drunkenly introduces me to some of his friends So I get drunk Brian in the car and as we're drivina he proceeds to tell me that I'm the best and that my ex who has dumped me two weeks prior wasn't a good quy and I deserved a good quy I'm nodding along not thinking anything of all this when he says Grace644 I'm going to set you up with a nice quy l laugh and tell him not to do that He insists though and then proceeds to take out his phone and text one of his friends my number Now I'm driving and trving to take his phone away and telling him to stop Then It happened Sweet Brian actually cursed and at me! He goes not yelling just irritated like Grace644 will you stop being a bitch Tm doing something really nice for you Shocked I stopped going for the phone and drove in silence as he texted this guy Well I ended up marrying the quy he set me up with we've been together for 8 years and in June I gave birth to our son Reply 33k vanillafolder09 1h If this is real this is wholesome af awesomacious Wholesome post about swearing Meme

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