grain death @grain_death earlier this year a random number i don't recognize started sending me pictures of toads Monday May 20631 PM T european common spadefoot toad Monday May 20 1020 PM True Wednesday May 22 647 PM red american toadlet thank you mystery toad giver Saturday May 25 517 PM T fowlers toad thank u T banjo frog akapobblebonk yes does he play the banjo better! his own call sounds like plucking a banjo string! like bonk bonk- T or yoshi when he eats an apple! oh my god Incredible ok i have to know who are you i send you toads! that is just as good! how did you get my number! T i think i just had it! thats valid! oki will continue to not save your number and just enjoy the toad content bonk bonk! Wholesome_toads via rwholesomememes httpsifttt2yhXNrc Meme

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