Great movie! Have you seen it yet?225 AM No I haven't We talked about it yesterday 1104 AM Ok just wanna make sure I don't accidentally spoil it for you No need to get your panties in a twist lol 1143 AM You have an interesting way of interpreting texts lol 1154 AM You have an interesting way of projecting your tone through texts 1155 AM Yea this isn't going to work out Good luck with your search You yourself project a certain tone through texts so don't be so quick to use defensive tactics when the girl mirrors your sentiments 1205 PM Here's an idea! How about you take that miss thang attitude and shove it up your ass you fucking cunt? Go fuck yourself Nobody cares that you're walking away and you will not be missed 1217 PM 1217 PM at all 1217 PM Here's an idea! Meme

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