Groomin ollen o heir fur can lead to poisoning Eating less than one leaf or flower can cause kidney failure! EASTER LILIES KILL KITTIES 眥cathealthcom Keep Easter Lilies out of Your Home If You Have Cats! httplwwwcathealthcomtoxic-itemseaster-lilies-a-holiday-hazard-for-cats beatlesandbards theexoticvet Every year I diagnose at least one cat with renal failure due to lily poisoning If you have cats please don’t have lilies Not harmful to dogs but toxic to cats even in very small quantities If you think your cat has swallowed some call your vet immediately! Leaving this untreated can kill your cat Other lilies are also poisonous for kitties tiger lilies rubrum lilies and some types of day lilies Source 1 Source 2 Meme

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