GTX A Te 18 25 Loc Mandatory Penis Inspection 06052019 Teachers please read this announcement to your students The management is required to conduct a mandatory penis inspection on all male students of grades 10 National and 11 Cambridge in accordance with schools Health code part IV of section 16 The inspection will be carried out by trained medical professionals in the presence of the student's respective class teachers The parents of the student may also be present for their health inspection Commencement of the 2nd semester penis inspections will occur in Euterpesa Bldg Class No 301 302 and 303 The mandatory health inspection will be conducted on Monday 13052019 on the two periods following lunch break There will be one make up day on 16052019 beginning at 100pm All students who have not completed an inspection MUST attend one of these two mandatory sessions Students will be excused if they miss any classes as a result of the inspection Students who do not attend will be required to get an inspection done by a family doctor as they will not be allowed into their respective classes without PLEASE NOTE Uncircumcised students should report to the uncircumcised line within the allocated room Circumcised students should report to the circumcised line w*Please ensure all genitals are clean and shaven A kid made this and hung it up all over our school Meme

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