GUCCI MANE ADDRESSES CLONE CONSPIRACY LOVE THE PERSON I GREW UP TO BE C@ After being released from prison in 2016 Gucci Mane came back a whole different person The rapper lost a lot of weight became sober and looked completely different Gucci Mane came back so much better than he was before that people were claiming that he was a clone and not the real Gucci Mane But either way Gucci Mane loves the person he grew up to be In a recent profile with GQ Gucci had this to say regarding the clone theory In a way I feel like I grew I kind of morphed into a different person Shed some of my old ways I can say I grew up I love the person I was I love the person I am and I love the person I grew to be He said I tried to lose weight I tried to take care of myself change my thinking my environment and associates—the ones that wasn't benefitting me I guess that's the transformation everybody's saying they can't believe But I can believe it RapTVSTAFF Charlie! @thatkidcm Meme

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