Guessing that Bob would be your first ‘Monday memory’ was easy but picking a photo was soooo hard It was impossible not to get a good photo of him so I had hundreds and hundreds to pick from I adore this photo of our sleepy Bumble Bob he was passed out at the first ever Dog Lovers Show We had all the senior favourites there that weekend & if we got a gold coin donation for every kiss & cuddle we would have walked out each day millionaires but we know too well how kissable they were so it would have been a crime to deny everyone getting one I’m sure most of you know Bob’s story so I won’t go on but I have to say how grateful I am to have been he’s mum for the last few years of he’s life No matter the sadness and all the tears that come after our babies leave us and with Bob there was a river of tears I always think if I didn’t pick up my phone that day or if the puppy farmer decided not to surrender then I would never have known them & that is far more unbearable than their loss If you tune in later I’ll do my best to share some more Bob photosvideo & can you guess who’s coming up next week? Miss you my squishy man ❤️ your mumma xx Meme

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