Guillermo del Toro @RealGDT How to tell a real monster It tells you another human is not worthy of your love or compassion and he uses the word Them to get your rage 2016-12-25 1006 AM tayefeth oxfordcommaforever dragonreine triumphoftheking lyraciilee ladyshinga sandovers you guys i love this man so so so much in before nazis twist this around and say we’re being intolerant I read an interesting article once that said that in a tolerant society the only way to keep it working was to become intolerant to intolerance if that makes sense It’s called the irony of tolerance or something like that And it was written in the 1940’s Give you one guess as to what inspired that article Full quote on the paradox of tolerance httpswwwgoodreadscomquotes25998-the-so-called-paradox-of-freedom-is-the-argument-that-freedom simplified image version always say “fuck right off” to fascism Tolerance is a peace treaty not a personal virtue Meme

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