Guy Matthews Just now Got talking to a doorman at the bar I was running the other night Kurdish chap Came over here 5 years ago before stuff got really bad in Syria He worked in one of those hand car wash places for years Paid his debts off and paid for his SIA course and license Just put a deposit down on a house got a wife and a baby on the way Nice bloke Stories like that are what make me proud to be British None of this send em all back I want my country back all Muslims are terrorists bullshit that the Britain First and EDL fascists like to spout The fact that my country took in a man who was fleeing possibly the most horrific warzone on the planet and gave him the chance to have a normal life Nothing remarkable just a good honest life and the security to raise a family That's what makes Britain great We must never ever lose that awesomacious Wholesome Land of opportunity Meme

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