Guys Seriously I am not obligated to respond within the first FIVE SECONDS that you send a message or that l even see the message What exactly do you think this does for you? You aren't winning any points I'm a single mom with a full time job and a full time extracurricular activity schedule I assure you that you are the LAST thing on my mind Bugging a girl isn't going to get you anywhere Messenger Some Where you from 558 PM You single 626 PM Guess not sorry I bother you 757 PM You don't wanna chat 0309 3 Kommentare Gefällt mir Kommentieren Preach girl! Gefällt mir Antworten 7 Min mthink it took way more effort to blast the guy then to kindly respond that you aren't interested Gefällt mir Antworten-4 Min Girl on my FB posts a pic of a pathetic guy in her messages Another guy pathetically responds Meme

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