H Huffington Post @Huffington Post Follo Our pollster polls model gives @HillaryClinton a 981% chance of winning the presidency electionshuffingtonpostcom2016forecast TRUMP CLINTON 981% 16% RETWEETS 1251 1937 825 AM 7 Nov 2016 THIS IS WHAT FAKE NEWS LOOKS LIKE It's over the quest to become the SJW Fake News site of the year I'm declaring HuffPo the winner - 8bit TLDR = HuffPo is garbage here let me share my favorite screengrab of 2016 one last time! New Years Resolution = Have it go the way of Gawker! Today's headlines just a sampling of how bad ONE DAY is WHITE NATIONALIST Inks 6-figure Contact With Simon & Schuster I'm still unsure how Milo qualifies as a 'white nationalist' Carrie Fisher Raised Billie Lourd 'Without Gender' PUPPET PRAISES PUTIN 'I Always Knew He Was Very Smart!' To Clarify they mean Trump FBI How Russia Hacked The Election Mormon Tabernacle Choir Singer Resigns Because Trump Reminds Her Of Hitler Here's What Happened When I Said I Couldn't Be 'Friends' With A Trump Supporter Highlight Some have said in the days since the election that they can’t believe people are ending friendships and family relationships over “politics” They’d say that I’m being silly petty or overacting But this election was and continues to be about so much more than “politics” This is about values and respect It’s about bigotry and hate It’s about millions of people’s rights being threatened including my rights as a gay man and yours as a woman It’s about putting our entire democracy in danger of transforming into an autocracy and legitimizing and making alliances with our worst adversaries whose goal is to dominate us Critics Vow Boycott Of Publisher After Milo Book Deal Gun Control Advocates Send Safety Locks To Eagles Players Who Got Guns For Christmas Eagles QB Carson Wentz gave his offensive line shotguns for Christmas Facebook Bans Author Who Branded Name-Calling Trump Backers A 'Nasty Fascistic Lot' Highlight It’s chilling It’s arbitrary censorship” said Sessums a contributing editor for Vanity Fair who has penned two bestselling memoirs “I was like ‘Wait a minute do I have to be careful about what I say about Trump now?’ -- Note it was only a 24 hour ban people have received a MONTH ban for criticizing Germany's immigration policy Be Careful What You Wish For Impeach Trump And You Get Pence They still think Mike Pence is going to run around with an electric prodder just shocking the gay out of everyone? A Gay Refugee's Journey From Syria To Proudly Marching Next To Justin Trudeau You think they mourned Castro together? Ariana Grande Slams Stranger For Making Her Feel Sick And Objectified Yes the same Ariana Grande whose music videos are close to pornographic who became rich & famous based on objectifying herself --- PS- Why do they cap every word? I'll try my best not to share this one again in 2017 really I'll try Meme

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