Habersham Shelter Kids DITIONAL PICS IN COMMENTS Hi there My name is Monica and that down there that's Rachel Today was a very happy day for us!! You see about a week ago someone dumped us and another kitten gone when the nice officer arrived out with some household trash They were nice enough to leave us a couch to sleep on but we didn't have any food or water We had to fend for ourselves and it was TERRIFYING I had to protect my best friend from all the elements There were cars flying by in the bad curve The tires would squeal so loud There were larger animals that you could hear howling off in the distance Night time was the worst It was dark and lonely and we were so scared I could feel things crawling on me The nice officers pulled about 100 ticks off of me when they got me to safety We've had a pretty hard life but I know we are safe now We would LOVE to stay together The lady here said she'd do a 2 for 1 special on us Please come in and meet my friend and I I promise we'll be good so you don't have to throw us out with the trash like our old people did From rags to riches Meme

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