Me asf. I use to listen to music in the shower but I deaded that. Don’t rob yourself of quiet reflection time while that hot water beats on you and brings your impurities to the surface and washes them away. Rather, take time to think and ponder. If u got a problem u need to solve, just think. Let yourself think. I’ve had revelations in the shower on thorny client issues that were so critical, I almost charged my clients for it 😂 but then I realized I probably shouldn’t charge anyone for work performed whilst gently grazing an overpriced lavender soap bar from Whole Foods betwixt my kiwis and thigh meat and then up and down my crizzack LMAO. Give yourself quiet. U feel me? Then emerge and enrobe yourself in lotion and start your day like the well-lubricated, hygienically-inclined, pleasant-smelling BOSS that u are. May God grant all of you success in this year end. This is where the money is made ya get me! Bless up 😊❤️😂