Hagedorn Win is A Victory for Wisconsin Wisconsin Rejects The Radical Agenda of The Liberal Left Madison WI Tonight Justice-Elect Brian Hagedorn overcame all odds and achieved an incredible win despite facing millions in special interest spending abhorrent personal attacks and a nationwide liberal political operation In response to Hagedorn's election victory the Republican Party of Wisconsin issued the following statement from Executive Director Mark Jefferson Judge Hagedorn's victory was not only a victory for clean government and the rule of law but is sure to send shockwaves across the political spectrum Wisconsin voters responded to grassroots mobilization and stood up to the liberal special interests and Eric Holder who tried to buy this election Our congratulations go out to the Hagedorn family who stood strong for their Christian beliefs in the face of relentless attacks on their faith and ran an aggressive campaign that sparked voter enthusiasm not seen since the Supreme Court race that took place during the recall fights of 2011 Finally our sincere gratitude goes out to the thousands of grassroots activists across Wisconsin who stopped the liberals from overturning the reforms of the last eight years Together we sent a message to all of America that we're ready to keep Wisconsin red as we turn our attention to mobilizing for 2020 and re-electing President Trump Thank you to the thousands of grassroots activists that stepped up and protected our Supreme Court from a liberal takeover! Meme

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