halflifegifs Honest to god I could write entire books on the fucked up little micro societies that exist solely in isolated gmod servers spooks-burgerton my buddy and I were crawling some servers on gmod one day just dinking around and being mild nuisances we found one server where everyone had some ridiculous ranktitle-various mythical creatures and wizards and stuff We bothered someone badly enough probably made a big mess of barrels or something that we got put in jail but we weren't really interested in playing gmod as much as just goofing off so we hung around the server for a while the residents were chatting pretty casually until someone in a frantic tone says Janus is coming! We need to get this place cleaned up! Janus logs in and he has the title of God Someone sheepishly asks hey what's up Janus? Janus replies with an ear-splittingly loud buzzing static noise that drowns every sound on the server out me and my buddy absolutely lost our minds The voice of God Meme

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