han or recognizing her I want to point out though that the language in this photo is outrageous and enforces a double standard to say the least Dr Katie Bouman has a PhD in Electrical Engineering and is literally a professor at Cal Tech in Pasadena Also she is single- handedly responsible for an algorithm that was a part of the discovery not the discovery itself A female scientist is called a scientist but sure go ahead and call her a young lady and say good job Katie! Maybe tell her to smile more? 0315 TODAY EVERYONE IS SHARING THE FIRST EVER IMAGE OF A BLACK HOLE BUT NO ONE IS SHARING STUFF ABOUT KATIE BOUMAN THE YOUNG LADY WHO IS SINGLE-HANDEDLY RESPONSIBLE FOR IT 3 years ago MIT grad student Katie Bouman led the creation of a new algorithm to produce the first-ever image of a black hole She first learned about the imaging project in high school and decided on the spot she'd dedicate her life to it GOOD JOB KATIE! Like Reply 17h 38 Replies I reread this and now I'm U irritated Yes thanks for absolutely know her name so thanks for being one of the voices that is sharing it But this young lady is a PhD researcher She is a post-doc fellow and will be an assistant professor at Caltech this year She is a woman And Bravo Dr Bouman would be FAR more appropriate than calling her by her first name And good job Katie! Seriously? The condescension is so damn thick you could cut it with a knife Write a comment OCCUPY DEMOCRATS I think I too would be annoyed as not being recognized as Dr when I receive my PhD Meme

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