hank you for coming Luigi! but of course princess Oh no not gonna lie princess I thought you called me by accident you no even though Mario woula certanly love to do this instead of Mario I mean S think this task would be for you more than perfect Suigi thank you darling d's a big esponaability yes but S know i can - tru Princess with all my respect and trust that you know what you're doing I think Mario would be more suited for fighting or doing this quest not saying i wouldn't mind doing it for you but he has more experience after all oh hohoho oh luigi dear no thio io not a quest it's something more significant YOU'VE RECEIVED THE PRDE PARADE'5 BAHHER YOU ARE LEADIHG THIS YEARS PARADE! От МЕRH5 you re дoпnа до greal Suigi PRIDE rotten-dan-art HAPPY PRIDE YALL!!!! this was inspired by my own edit on this sprite hehe Im gonna make “drawing paper mario pride” a tradition of mine sorry the quality of the comic is not steady! hope you enjoy tho ♥ have a nice pride Meme

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