hannah fandel @HannahFandel11 it's 2028 your husband comes up and smacks your butt as you're unplugging the crockpot full of buffalo chicken dip your friends have turned the dining room table into a beer pong tournament the kids are laughing from the playroom it's super bowl sunday and your heart is full 2418 736 PM 3375 Retweets 201K Likes fallcaesar genderdeath riseofthecommonwoodpile egowave this is the scariest tweet ive ever seen reading this made me feel like im in the twilight zone Iwhat the fuck is buffalo chicken dipI it’s 2028 alexa informs you that a radiation storm is rolling in from the eastern wastes as your food replicator slowly prints a plate of soy protein wings your wife holoprojects from work to tell you she has another nine hours at the amazon warehouse and she’s gotta go before she burns her unpaid five minute lunch break the seven friends you’re sharing a studio apartment with are huddled on the floor each jacked into vr rigs the superbowl is endless and your heart is a yawning void Meme

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