Hannah Land @hannahlandshark My body count is 2 if by body count you mean the number of fish that have died under my supervision in the last 3 days fpz en to death onthe botom o his tark I couldnt adit defeat SoI wentto PeCo ond parhased a simlar bokina fish t a tank hates and they even ave Maigh heio nk you for tusthng me woth your sh kevn Iyou ere I plopped kevin Il in the tek aun old you cad myself that eseryhsg was daing that in a few short momenfs ednesday prn L und KevinI I couldnt odit defent soI went to PCo ana pucchasd a sinlar lboking fish t a tak heates and they even ave me a discovnt because they Felt bad I ploppedn in the onk and Told you ond myelf that everythind was on the batt of the tank cpuld telisti went back to Petc chocoe This is the tish you See before you now he is dead all T Con Say that T thed my best ve me Kevin L free DC tannah eat Thursday niaht I oyd Kev T on the bottoof the tank Survey says don’t trust Hannah with ur fish Meme

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