hanthelion I asked my dad if I have ever made him cry in front of me before because I don't remember ever seeing him cry He said Once He told me that when I was 3 years old he laid out a pen a dollar and a toy of some sort in front of me He wanted to see which one I would pick I think that a lot of Chinese people do that It represents what you'll value most when you grow up Like the pen is intelligence money is well money and the toy is fun He was just doing it out of curiosity and boredom It was interesting for him to see which one l'd pick anyway He said that I just sat there and stared at the items He sat across from me and waited patiently According to him I crawled towards them he held his breath and I pushed everything aside and went right into his arms He didn't realize that he was one of the choices And that was the first and the only time I made him cry acidicgumdrops well shit now u made me cry Source hanthelion 570884 notes Wholesome tears via rwholesomememes httpbitly2D3PUaZ Meme

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